Rep. Hice: ‘President Trump Gave President Biden a Secure Southern Border and in Less Than Three Months It Has Been Dismantled’

‘This is all fueled by the open border policy of this administration’


HICE: "There's an unprecedented crisis at the southern border. Literally, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing into the United States, stretching our patrol officers and enforcement down there to breaking point. In February this year, over a 100,000 illegals were apprehended. That's a 28-percent increase from the year before, and I guarantee it's only going to get worse. The projections are even more than that this coming month. Illegal border crossings are now five times higher than before President Biden was inaugurated. And this is all fueled by the open border policies of this administration, promising amnesty, ending the wall construction, halting deportations, handcuffing our law enforcement and undermining border security. President Trump gave President Biden a secure southern border, and in less than three months it has been dismantled. This is absolute insanity.”

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