Chuck Todd: Is Media Reaping What We Sow with Donald Trump?

‘The reality show atmosphere, how politics gets covered, we have made it easier for Donald Trump to blow up our campaign process’

TODD: “Let me bring Tom in here because Tom, you write about this larger sometimes narrative about the state of American politics. And I put the question to Rick Perry, did the Republican Party reap what they sow, but are we reaping what we sow? The reality show atmosphere of how politics gets covered, where we have made it easier for Donald Trump to blow up our campaign process?” 

FRIEDMAN: “Well, we've turned politics into sports, Chuck. It's PSPN, politics sports network, not just ESPN, and when you do that, someone takes it to its logical conclusion –“

TODD: “That’s what you just did.” 

FRIEDMAN: “And that's what Trump is doing. The tragedy is it's happening at a time when we're in an incredible high speed in terms of a change and the pace of change.”

TODD: “Globally, millenials, generationally, this is all over the place.” 

FRIEDMAN: “Governance matters, Chuck, all the time but right now, good governance matters more than ever.”


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