Rick Perry: We’re Seeing the Real Donald Trump Now

‘We’re seeing an individual whose more interested in throwing invectives, rather than laying out solutions’

TODD: “Is this a reap what you sow issue here for the Republican Party? There was an -- the party embraced Donald Trump four years ago. Mitt Romney sought his endorsement. A lot of you did one-on-one meetings courting Donald Trump back in 2011 after he dropped out, during his whole birther craze at the time and you actively reached out for him. In hindsight was that a mistake for the party in general to embrace Trump four years ago?” 

PERRY: “Well, his Twitter handle is TheRealDonaldTrump and I'll suggest to you, we're seeing the real Donald Trump now.” 

TODD: “And that is what?” 

PERRY: “Well, we're seeing an individual who's more interested in throwing invectives and this hyperbolic rhetoric out there rather than laying out solutions. Listen, we need somebody, as I laid out ten days ago, two weeks ago, about how the Republican Party needs to be reaching out to people of different cultures and races and ethnicities. What we've done in the state of Texas, for instance, to let African-Americans keep more of what they work for, graduate from high school at some of the highest rates, as a matter of fact, at the highest rate in America. That's what the Republican Party needs to be about. That's what we need to hear. And frankly, that's what Americans are begging for. A leader that has solutions to give them hope that the best days are in front of us as a country.” 


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