Fox’s Jesse Watters Hits Back at Chris Cuomo After He Calls Conservatives Racist for Meghan Markle Criticism

‘I think Chris Cuomo is smarter than this’


WATTERS: "I think Chris Cuomo is smarter than this. We get paid to tee off on people. If Barack Obama were white, I'd still go after ObamaCare. If Beto O’Rourke were black, I'd still make fun of his silly hand gestures. What's happening is Chris Cuomo probably didn’t have a creative angle for the segment that night, so he got lazy and played the race card. It's an analysis that's about skin deep, and right now they are struggling because they don’t have a lot of material now that Trump is not there. So their producers are having to put forth stuff that doesn’t really cut it. Why do rich, white liberals feel like they need to see race in everything? Why do they need to look for it? And why when it’s not there do they need to insert it? They see it in the CPAC stage, they see it in a car, in a costume, in a song, in a hat, they see it in a princess. They see it everywhere.”

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