Fmr. Acting ICE Dir.: The People Suffering from the Border Crisis Deserve To Have a Seat at the Table

‘This is so predictable that we would have this chaos and they call it a crisis’


FAHEY: “This is so predictable that we would have this chaos and they call it a crisis, but this is really their plan all along, to have an open border. The people on the border are the people that are bearing the cost, but as often with this policy and so many others, the people that bear the cost, that bear the burden of this, that pay for it, never have a seat at the table to discuss it. It is the rich, the Democrats, and the illegal immigrants are the ones that decide the immigration policy. Illegal immigrants, American people that pay the cost in terms of lower wages, overcrowded schools, reduced access to medical care. They don’t even have a seat at the table. When they try to raise their voice, they are called names, racist, xenophobic. There concerns are legitimate. They deserve a seat at the table. They deserve to be heard on this and so many of our politicians are afraid to stand up to them and are afraid to stand up to politicians. It is often lost at this debate, the discussion entirely.”

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