Williams to Hannity: Is Your ‘Kneejerk Reaction’ to Iran Deal ‘Just Hating on Obama’?

‘In other words, no deal that Obama brought to Sean Hannity was gonna be acceptable’

HANNITY: “They get conventional arms, and they get to continue to spin their centrifuges. You're going to make the case that's a good deal?”

WILLIAMS: “Sometimes I wonder about your knee jerk reaction. It is just hating on Obama, is this all this is about? No deal that Obama was brought to Sean Hannity was going to be acceptable, even if it makes Israel safer, even if it makes you and me safer, you were going to condemn it.”

HANNITY: “Juan, whatever you are smoking I want to try it because you're out of control.” (Laughter)

HANNITY: “Its' $150 billion, conventional weapons they get. We don't get American prisoners back. Wait a minute.”

WILLIAMS: “Conventional weapons -- they cannot ship out conventional weapons for five years, ballistic for seven or eight.”


WILLIAMS: “A minute ago you said they get conventional weapons.”

HANNITY: “I wouldn't give a mullah in Iran the right to spin centrifuges. And $150 billion is the equivalent in the United States of $1 trillion.”

WILLIAMS: “Aren't you a constitutional conservative? Don't you believe in sovereign nations? Are we supposed to treat them as if they are simply our territory.”

HANNITY: “This is the equivalent of giving Adolf Hitler weapons of mass destruction. It's September 30th, 1938, peace in our time.

WILLIAMS: “In fact, we're doing the opposite, because we're preventing them from having a nuclear weapon.”

HANNITY: “I've got to go. You are out of your mind. You've lost it.”

WILLIAMS: “You are so anti-Obama you can't see the best interests of our country.”


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