Rantz: Seattle City Funds Used To Buy ‘Booty Bumping Kits’ Allowing Addicts To Rectally Inject Drugs

‘Maybe reduction is literally doing the opposite’


RANTZ: "I mean, when you teach addicts, who are already the hardest to get off of the street, a more efficient way to get high in a way that lasts longer when you are doing it with the so-called 'booty bumping kits', all you're doing is making it that much easier for them to stay addicted. We have an organization at the Downtown Emergency Services Center that should be helping these people, and they say this is all part of a harm reduction model, that it's about being where the addict is and making sure that, since they were going to engage in this behavior anyway, at least they are doing it safer. But at the end of the day, the results speak for themselves and homelessness and addiction is getting worse in Seattle and King County. We just had a stunning increase — and that is in the language of the very people doing the study — of an increase in fentanyl overdoses, meth overdoses going through the roof. Every step of the way, we are seeing the results worsening, not getting better. So maybe harm reduction is literally doing the opposite."

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