O’Reilly: Iran Nuke Deal Is a ‘Gamble,’ Could Lead to ‘Terrible Consequences’

‘After reading the details of the nuke deal, I can tell you that Iran got the better of the negotiation’

O'REILLY: “After reading details of the nuke deal I can tell you that Iran got the better of the negotiations. The undeniable fact is that the Iranians do not have to submit to snap inspections, so they can cheat if they want to and they may get away with it. Twenty four days -- a long time to wait before inspectors can examine suspicious activities. Now, it is true some Americans and the Israeli government would oppose a nuke deal with Iran no matter what. The only thing that would win them over would be a total cessation of nuclear activity in that country to which the mullahs would never agree. It is also true that President Obama sees the issue in stark terms. Either you make a deal or Iran develops a nuke and war breaks out. But here the President makes a mistake. He could have held on a bit longer and upped the sanctions against Iran. That would have given the U.S.A. more leverage. Mr. Obama's press coverage today -- press conference today, I should say, was very instructive. He took a few questions and answered them as a college professor would, with long explanations full of asides. There were no follow-ups, no challenges to his answers. So that's what Talking Points will do right now. Here's the toughest moment of the press conference.”

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