Rick Perry on Frozen Wind Farms: In AOC’s World Ten Years From Now, There Will Be No Power To Keep Us Warm

‘We started taking coal plants off, started taking nuclear plants off’

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PERRY: “Is incredibly important to have a diverse, I think you had a number of things that lined up with a perfect storm, if you will, but the point is, that’s what those of us in government are supposed to do, supposed to try to look over the horizon, see the different challenges and having a diverse base load of energy is incredibly important. We started taking coal plants off, started taking nuclear plants off, and if this country is going to continue to grow, continue to have the type of economic base that is going to be competitive in the world, we have to have an energy supply that is diverse, of base load that you know when you call on it, it’s going to be there. That means fossil fuels have to be a part of that. But with five natural gas is abundant in this country. We have stepped away from our nuclear energy, compact fusion reactors. We ought to be looking at all of the different ways to use fusion reactors, some great progress being made in that field right now and I don’t hear the current administration, I don’t hear the green new deal talking about anything other than wind and solar. And those are fine, you can use them. Have them out there. We certainly have that diversity in the state of Texas, but the point is, you’d better be thinking long term in this game and there’s not enough people thinking long term.”

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