Lemire: There Is a Sense Biden Admin. Is ‘Reluctant to Challenge’ Teachers Unions

‘The schools have not been particularly high sources of transmission’


LEMIRE: "Hey Joe, it's nearly unanimous opinion from health officials. The schools have not been particularly high sources of transmission, they have been safe places. For adequate ventilation and social distancing, that schools have been safe and so many American parents of course want their children to be back there. The Biden administration has caught real criticism on this. They seem to not be living up to the goals that President Biden first set out. Yes, Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested that one day a week that that would -- first of all the sheer number of schools that they’re talking about narrowed the younger kids as opposed to the older kids. That alienated some parents. And, yes, one day a week for a certain percentage would be enough for some students to hit their threshold. She walked this back a little bit yesterday. She said, they are still pressing forward. She acknowledged that they want. This is still a major centerpiece of their plan. But it does seem like right now that they are behind on that. And that’s something they have taken criticism for. As we see cities like Chicago and Philadelphia have real issues. And there is a sense that they are being reluctant to challenge teachers unions to put their teachers back in classrooms."

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