Don Lemon: More Heat on Liz Cheney than Marjorie Taylor Greene? That’s Where the GOP Is at Right Now

‘So stop saying, Republicans, the media is responsible for Marjorie Taylor Greene’


LEMON: "Yeah. Well, you are what you eat. And it’s — I’m serious. I can’t explain to you — I don’t even have the words to tell you just how outraged I am and how just infuriating and frustrating the level of hypocrisy is right now. We’re not talking about — we’re not talking about firebrands. Right? There are firebrands in the Republican Party. There are firebrands in the Democratic Party. They say things that are provocative all the time, but no one is saying to them, 'Hey, you should be stripped of your committee.' This is lies on top of lies on top of racist, on top of anti-Semitism, on top of all kinds of things that the — Leader Kevin McCarthy is the majority, right, majority — the minority leader. He’s the leader of the Republican Party right now, at least in the House. And guess what? He has co-signed everything that Marjorie Taylor Greene has done or said by acting the way they did, voting the way they did and doing what they did tonight. More heat on Liz Cheney than Marjorie Taylor Greene, she gets a standing ovation? That's where we are right now. So stop saying, Republicans, the media is responsible for Marjorie Taylor Greene. Don’t paint us all with that brush.”

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