Al Hunt: Donald Trump Is a Modern Day George Wallace

‘This is George Corley Wallace 40 years later’

Al Hunt Calls Trump a Modern-Day 'George Wallace' (NewsBusters)

Liberal media types like Al Hunt haven't called Donald Trump a Hitler. Yet.  But Judy Woodruff's husband has branded Trump a modern-day version of an iconic personification of racism.

On today's Morning Joe, Hunt declared that Trump is "George Corley Wallace, 40 years later."

Trump = Wallace?  Really? Compare and contrast. Wallace: "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." Donald Trump: "I love the Mexican people . . . I respect Mexico." Trump's depiction of the criminal element among illegal Mexican immigrants has drawn condemnation.  But when you look at US prisons bulging with illegals, can anyone deny that there is a significant criminal component among those entering our country illegally from Mexico? 

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