Dobbs Attacks ‘Ungrateful’ Republicans Criticizing Trump After He Endorsed Them: ‘Vindictive’ & ‘Jealous’

‘It’s pitiful to watch what happens to Mitch McConnell’s face when he hears the name Trump’


DOBBS: "Absolutely. And I’ve never seen a president whose endorsement mattered more in terms of results, nor have I seen more recipients of such an endorsement be less grateful and, in point of fact, be well, peevish, petty, and vindictive against a man they obviously are jealous of and who they fear mightily for his influence among the base, some 75 million people. It’s pitiful to watch what happens to Mitch McConnell’s face when he hears the name Trump. Now the issue of the impeachment, the silly — you called it a farce, I call it the most, just the latest from the party of hate which the Democrats have become. Now they’re talking about censure because they realized, after Rand Paul called for the vote, that they haven’t got any — they’re not even close to having enough people to impeach this President, obviously, because there’s nothing — he did nothing. So censure? Are are you kidding me?"

(Via Mediaite)

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