Haley: I Want to Know What ‘Went Wrong’ with FBI Check so that AME Shooter Got a Gun

‘I would be more interested in what went wrong’

TODD: “I want to go a little bit to the investigation of the shooter. We found out that the F.B.I. background check essentially didn't work because some of the arrest records of Dylan Roof didn't get into the system in time. Had they gotten in, he might not have been able to purchase that gun. We don't know if he would have found a gun another way, but we know he wouldn't have been able to purchase the gun that he did purchase. When you look at background check laws, and I know this is as much about a federal issue as it is a state issue, and you see this disparity that perhaps more time was going to be needed for law enforcement to get the record into the system, do you think the background check system should be expanded instead of a three-day period, maybe longer?”

HALEY: “Well first of all, when we got the call from the F.B.I., telling us what had happened, I was literally sick to my stomach. You know, we expect, when the feds say they're going to do something, we take them at their word that it's going to get done. And the fact that it didn't get done is terrible. And it's one more thing that these families are going to have to go through that they don't deserve to have to go through. So I think we need to look at the fact that it's not about time, it's about technology. You know, this is something, when someone has a charge filed against them, it should go into a database, and it should be shown immediately to anyone's that looking at it. So I would be more interested in what went wrong, what sort of-- why are they dealing with paperwork and not dealing with technology, that they wouldn't have had this—“

TODD: “And you are convinced this is the Feds, and not necessarily local? Not necessarily Lexington County or anybody else?”

HALEY: “We were told, when the F.B.I. called us, we were told that it was an F.B.I. issue, that it was not a state issue.”

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