Liz Cheney Refuses to Say if She Supports Senate Impeachment: They Will Have to Decide How They Will Run the Trial

‘They will have to decide what the next steps are here’


HEMMER: "But the first move -- yeah, but the first move is Speaker Pelosi’s right, she still has the article. If she so chose she could probably keep it. Would you support that now?"
CHENEY: "Well, listen, they're going to have to decide what the next steps are here. And then of course the Senate will have to decide how they will run the trial. But I think all of us who lived through the events of January 6th, all who watched on television, you know, and there are a lot of people including Vice President Pence for example who just deserve tremendous praise and our gratitude for standing firm for his constitutional oath, for doing what he knew was right. And I think it’s important that what happened on January 6th never happen again. I think it's also important we come together as a party now to move forward to make sure that we are fighting against the kinds of policies that we know the Democrats ae going to put forward and also that we’re putting forward a positive agenda of hope and opportunity for the future letting people understand what Republicans stand for."

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