CBS: Trump ‘Growing Even More Defiant, Causing Angst Among Republican Establishment’

‘On CNN Trump lashed out at his fellow Republicans’

[clip starts]

HANNITY: “If Donald Trump doesn’t win the Republican nomination, will you support the eventual nominee? Or would you run third part?”

TRUMP: “I have to see who wins.”

GOLDMAN (voice-over): “Trump is growing even more defiant and that's causing angst among the Republican establishment, presidential candidates and donors, worried that his inflammatory language could set back efforts to build ties with the Hispanic community -- an important constituency for anyone hoping to win the White House. On CNN, Trump lashed out at his fellow Republicans.”

TRUMP: "Bush is weak on immigration... I could be much more offensive to Ricky Perry... Every time I watch Lindsey Graham he wants to bomb everybody.”

COOPER: “Carly Fiorina.”

TEUMP: “She lost her job at Hewlett Packard. Viciously was fired. Viciously.”

[clip ends]

GOLDMAN: “The old post office is actually owned by the Government Services Administration, but under the terms of the lease, Trump cannot be forced to change the name of the hotel… GSA says that any changes to the lease must be in writing mutual agreement by both parties.” 

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