Sciutto: Trump Should Be Prioritizing the Pace of Vaccination But He’s at the Golf Course

‘That’s right, on the golf course again’


SCIUTTO: "Again, 20 million vaccinations promised by year end, only 11 million shipped, not given, not administered, and a little more than 2 million actually into the arms of those who need it. At that rate, as our guest last night, Dr. Leana Wen, put it, this country will not be fully vaccinated until the year 2050 at that slow rate. When faced with that, you would think the President might see the need for the same kind of federal priority effort to vaccinate people that did, granting credit where credit is due here, that did work so well in developing the vaccines, most of which is still sitting in refrigerators, in warehouses, at manufacturing facilities, anyplace but where it’s actually needed. That's for people like you. Instead it seems his priorities are elsewhere, at least they were today, yesterday, Sunday, last Thursday and Friday, more than 300 other days since taking office. That’s right, on the golf course again."

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