Joy Ann Reid: It Sounds ‘Criminal’ For Trump Admin To Perform Herd Immunity Policies Without Our Consent

‘The Trump Administration pushed for more case’


REID: “While people were pushing herd immunity and the infection of children. Trump was pushing schools to reopen. That attitude persisted. July 27 there were 4.3 million cases. And the doctor was bemoaning the decision colleges were going virtual. We took off the battlefield the weapon we had. Young healthy people. To vastly infect themselves. Spread it around. Develop immunity and stop the spread. Trump tweeted that quote the student athletes have been working too hard for the season to be cancelled. Let’s recap. The Trump Administration pushed for more case. They had a fantasy that young people get infected and spread Covid around and everything will be fine. They pursued that knowing black and brown Americans were dying and didn’t care. Here we are now. 17 million cases and 309,000 deaths. The CD.C. forecast a total of 357,000 could be reported by January 9. Dr. Fauci warned today that Christmas celebrations could create a catastrophic spread of the virus. Than Thanksgiving. His message to Americans, we have a big problem. Joining me now former health policy director in the Obama White House. And former Covid task force adviser to Mike Pence. I’ll start with you. This sound like a giant experiment to be honest. Run on the entire population. And let a lot of people die. Get sick. See what happens. That sounds criminal to me. You were there in the administration. Did you ever hear anything like this?”

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