Scarborough: It Makes So Little Sense That These People with Ivy League Degrees Are Acting So Stupid

‘Wear a mask when you’re close to somebody’


SCARBOROUGH: “If Pompeo wanted to walk out tonight in the snow and have a reception out in the snow or even put a tent outside, open everything up, get the ventilation through, that would be another thing. Same thing --"
BRZEZINSKI: "Wear a mask."
SCARBOROUGH: "-- same thing with the White House, wear a mask when you’re close to somebody. Like if you’re within — you know, six feet wear a mask. But Kurt, the -- I don’t know if you call it arrogance. I don’t know what you call this. I know historians are going to have a heck of a time trying to explain why the most people — powerful people in the -- in the most powerful country on the planet acted as ignorantly as they did regarding a killer virus in the worst pandemic in over a century. We will not be able to explain this to people 20 years from now because it is so asinine. It makes so little sense that these people with Ivy League degrees are acting --"

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