Dr. Fauci: Unless We’re at Herd Immunity, We Still Have To Wear Masks Even When Vaccinated

‘We’re not sure at this point that the vaccine protects you against getting infected’

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FAUCI: "Well, the answer is, unless you get the overwhelming majority of the country vaccinated and protected and get that umbrella of what we call herd immunity, there’s still a lot of virus out there. So just because you’re protected, so-called protected by the vaccine, you should need to remember that you could be prevented from getting clinical disease and still have the virus that is in your nasopharynx because you could get infected. We’re not sure at this point that the vaccine protects you against getting infected. We know for sure it’s very, very good, 94%, 95% in protecting you against clinically recognizable disease, and almost 100% in protecting you for severe disease. But until you have virus that is so low in society, we as a nation need to continue to wear the mask, to keep the physical distance, to avoid crowds. We’re not through with this just because we’re starting a vaccine program. Even though you as an individual might have gotten vaccinated, it is not over by any means. We still have a long way to go and we’ve got to get as many people as possible vaccinated, of all groups."

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