Jim Jordan: It Seems Like Democrats Always Get the Defensive Briefing and Republicans Get Set Up

‘There are some questions Speaker Pelosi will have to answer’


JORDAN: "Well, I think the big take-away for me in this is Eric Swalwell gets a defensive briefing, Dianne Feinstein gets a defensive briefing. It seems like Democrats get defensive briefings, Republicans get set up. Remember what they did to President-Elect Trump. January 6, 2017, Jim Comey goes up to Trump Tower, talks to President Trump about the dossier so he can do what then? Go leak it and CNN and Buzzfeed can print the entire dossier and it becomes a bigger story. So it seems like Democrats always get the defensive briefing when something like this is going on, Republicans get set up. I think that is a question. I think, frankly, there are some questions that Speaker Pelosi will have to answer. What did she know when she made the decision to put Swalwell on? What kind of information did she receive? What kind of briefings did she receive on this issue when she made the decision to put him on the Intel Committee? I think those are some questions that the Speaker should have to answer."

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