Jonah Goldberg Goes Off on Trump Team’s ‘Unpatriotic Lie’

‘Donald Trump is trying to steal an election by pretending that the Democrats have stolen the election’

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GOLDBERG: “Yeah. Donald Trump is trying to steal an election by pretending that the Democrats have stolen the election. Mollie is absolutely right about there are issues of fraud and these kinds of things that are very minor. They are very small. They are very scatter shot. They don’t hold up very well in front of judges. Something we should care about in the long term. That’s not what Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and the president of the United States are saying. They are alleging an insane back crazy conspiracy theory where Rudy Giuliani is actually saying that most ballots are counted out of the country. They are alleging that those internationally recognized cyber ninjas, the Venezuelans have hijacked our democracy. And while I don’t think that Donald Trump thinks he is going to pull it off. He is trying to keep his options only. One of the options he would like to keep open is to literally steal an election by claiming that the Democratic Party has stolen an election. It’s pervasive unpatriotic lie and we shouldn’t just sort of — look, I car about voter fraud. But, saying that this is an important story because it illuminates voter fraud is like saying the watergate burglary is an important story because it highlighted the problems with security at the watergate hotel. It’s missing the point.”

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