Tucker Reviews Latest Obama Memoir: ‘He’s the Genius, You’re the Racist’

‘He doesn’t seem to have learned a lot since then’


CARLSON: “This show can report conclusively tonight the former president Barack Obama does not have a self-esteem problem. Obama is still in his 50s and has already written his second autobiography. The new one drops next week with a thud. The book is 768 pages long. Congratulations if you can read the entire thing. You’ll be the only one. We will save you the trouble, trouble tonight. For the cliffsnotes. Barack Obama is a genius, you are a racist. Remember that? It was the feel of the old tire Obama residency. He doesn’t seem to have learned a lot since then. Here’s Barack Obama’s explanation — for millions of Americans spooked by a Blackman in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety. So Trump won because you’re a racist. That’s his acclamation. Not because Obama himself presided over the death of the middle class, middle income Americans became a minority in this country for the first time under Obama best of his presidency, but it wasn’t that at all.”

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