Cuomo: Nobody in the GOP Is Nailing Trump for Saying Something ‘Demonstrably Ugly’

‘I haven’t heard anybody come out and say, full-throated, this is wrong’


CUOMO: "Do you believe that there is anywhere near the kind of resolve it would take to stand up to this president among their ranks? Because you look at Graham, pretty outspoken. He came out and basically, even though he is a practitioner of the law himself, came out and backed this baseless idea from the President. McConnell, nothing. Cruz, nothing. You have the 2024 hopefuls basically came out and kind of snuggled up against Trump. I haven’t heard anybody come out and be full-throated in saying, 'Whoa, this is wrong.' Even Romney gave more of a general prescription about a democracy is supposed to count the votes and trust the process. But not nailing Trump for saying something that is demonstrably ugly."

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