Buttigieg on if Biden Would Impose a Nationwide Lockdown: ‘Everything Has To Be on the Table’

‘We should never have got to this point’


BUTTIGIEG: “But everything has to be on the table in order to keep Americans safe. Look, we should never have got to this point. It should never have been allowed to get this bad. But what we know is that even something as simple and inexpensive as wearing a mask, if everybody does it, dramatically changes what's possible. I would also note that, lockdown or no, I have been talking to a lot of small business owners, especially here in the Midwest, who are saying, look, even when they're able to open, customers aren't going to come unless they know they're safe. This is one of many reasons why the first rule of virus economics is to beat the virus, or else you won't have an economy. And that's got to be the focus. Now, Joe Biden's been very clear, has a strategy, has a plan that involves ensuring that testing and treatment and eventually vaccine is not only widely available and well-distributed, but also free of charge for all Americans. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's plan apparently, as of today, is to attack doctors and continue contradicting public health authorities, saying we're turning the corner or that it's not a big deal as we enter the worst days so far in this mass casualty event that stands already among the five worst that America has ever faced.”

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