Trump Voter: ‘People Keep Blaming Trump for the 200,000 People That Died; It Ain’t His Fault’

‘These people would have died if Hillary was the president’


CAMEROTA: "Jimmy, you voted for President Trump in 2016. So has anything happened during this administration and these past four years that has changed your thinking at all?"
JIMMY: "My life hasn’t changed because out here on the farm there’s nobody out here, we just get on a tractor and drive it and my life really hasn’t changed other than I can’t go to restaurants with my wife no more, but I get over there and we get takeout and that’s about all that’s changed here for me in Alabama. But these people keep blaming Trump for the 200,000 people that died. It ain’t his fault. Them people would have died if Hillary was president."
CAMEROTA: "How do you know that?"
JIMMY: "Maybe more, maybe less."
CAMEROTA: "But how do you know that?"
JIMMY: "I’m going to tell you. I know that. I’m going to tell you why. Because the virus got in all them other countries just like it got in this one. It might be partly his fault, don’t get me wrong, but it ain’t all the his fault."

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