Savannah Guthrie Debates Trump on Mask Wearing

‘I don’t get that because all of your public health officials, your administration, they are in unison about this’


TRUMP: "If you look at Scott, Dr. Scott, great guy, Stanford, he will tell you —"

GUTHRIE: "He's not an infectious disease expert." 

TRUMP: "Oh, I don't know. Look, he's an expert, he's one of the great experts in the world."

GUTHRIE: "But I don't get it, because you have so much power and influence as president. You could require it at your rally, and you should say everyone put on a mask right now. And the University of Washington says you would save lives." 

TRUMP: "University of Washington, then you gave other places say different things. You have a lot — hey, Dr. Fauci said don't wear a mask, right?"

GUTHRIE: "At first, but then everybody agreed."

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