Joy Behar: ‘Herd Immunity Is an Outrageously Stupid Idea’

‘The only thing that’s going to help us at this point is get rid of [Trump] and get a vaccination’


BEHAR: “So we figured out how herd immunity would work, I’ll tell you how it is. So you need to have 60 percent of the population have to get it in order for it to even be in the ballpark, and some doctors say it doesn’t even work. So we have 330 million people in this country, so that means 198 million would have to get the virus, okay, that’s 60 percent. And out of that group, two percent would die. That would be almost four million people. So I say to Americans, are you willing to die for this man? Are you willing to die for this virus? And imagine the hospitals. We thought that they were overcrowded in April and May. Can you imagine if you have 198 people with the virus in this country? So this herd immunity is an outrageously stupid idea and they should stop talking about it altogether. The only thing that’s going to help us at this point is get rid of this guy and get a vaccination, period."

(via YouTube)

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