Greg Gutfeld: ‘The Only Way Biden Can Go After Trump Is to Lie’

‘Remember, this is the guy that didn’t want to take out bin Laden’


GUTFIELD: “It’s kind of like we’re always back to chapter one of the Coronavirus story. We began with this prism of two ideas. You had to express fear and terror or you’re going to kill everybody. We’ve been through all of it. We’ve talked about it. We are distinctly American and we accept risks and we have done this — I don’t know — since we came here. The explorers took risks. So we know what can happen. We see people are aware of what they need to do with masks and social distancing. This is this is an old argument. The only way Biden can go after Trump is to lie. To say well, he said masks don’t matter. Fauci is the first person that said you don’t have to wear masks. Remember that? He was fearful of people hoarding it. I think the big problem here is that we keep going back to this prism of two ideas. We refuse to acknowledge that you can be in the middle, take precautions and express confidence about getting your life back together. If you don’t do it, you’re going to be like hiden Biden. Remember, this is the guy that didn’t want to take out bin Laden. He doesn’t like to take any risks. What does he want? Does he want us to shut down forever? He certainly isn’t giving us any advice on the economy?”

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