Jake Tapper: WH Provided Images of President Trump ‘Purportedly Working from the Hospital’

‘We are hoping for a speedy recovery for President Trump’


TAPPER: “Hello, I’m Jake Tapper in Washington, where the state of our union is hoping for a full and speedy recovery for President Trump. He is still in the hospital this morning, his third day, being treated for COVID-19, which has killed more than 209,000 Americans. Late Saturday, the President released another video, and the White House provided images of the President purportedly working from the hospital. The President's physician put out a new statement, saying that he had 'made substantial progress' since diagnosis. But we have to say, information about the President's condition has been confusing, at best. On Saturday, President Trump's doctors briefed the public on the President's condition. They obfuscated on critical questions, such as whether or not the President had received oxygen, and refused to give basic information about, say, his temperature.”

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