Scaramucci: ‘[Trump] Lied About the Science for Six Months, Couldn’t Protect Himself or His Family’

‘So how is he going to protect the American people going forward?’


SCARAMUCCI: “And so this is just rank irresponsibility and it’s rank incompetence. And let’s just stipulate, he’s lied about the science for six months, couldn’t protect himself or his family, so how is he going to protect the American people going forward? So I feel bad that he’s sick, I want him to get better, certainly it’s a tragic situation, but we have to not let up on the gas if you want to remove him. We have to still discuss the racism, the destruction of the democracy, the demolishing of the institutions of our government, the voter suppression. All of this stuff has to be discussed now. You know, if somebody said to me this morning, 'Well, maybe he doesn’t have it, maybe he’s looking for sympathy,' no, that’s not true. I’m sure he has it, because there’s no way he would want to isolate himself for 14 days if he didn’t have it, John. But this is wholly irresponsible and good men and women in the United States need to speak out now and remove this president."

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