Scarborough Wonders If ACB, Mitch McConnell Have Also Been Exposed To Covid

‘It sounds like they likely have and if that’s the case, that’s something that obviously pushes any hearings’


SCARBOROUGH: "Also, Mika, we’re talking about the campaign, but also, again, it’s very important for everyone that has been exposed, especially when you’re talking about the Supreme Court nominee, the President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, has she been exposed, has Mitch McConnell been exposed? It sounds like they likely have. And if that’s the case, that’s something that obviously pushes any hearings —"
BRZEZINSKI: "Oh my gosh. That’s right."
SCARBOROUGH: " — back at least two weeks, at least three weeks. The President obviously telling us from the debate stage on Tuesday night he wants to expedite her nomination as quickly as possible because he wants her vote on any challenge that he has to the outcome of election results. Again, with — if you do the contact tracing, it seems that that is unlikely to happen over the next few weeks, at least until everybody is cleared."

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