Jason Miller: The President One-Upped Biden on Covid Recovery and Economic Recovery

‘President Trump pounded Joe Biden over and over on substance’


MILLER: “What we sell really surprised folks in the fact that President Trump pounded Joe Biden over and over on substance on the issues and the things that people really care about, Joe Biden needed to come out of last nights debate making progress on Covid recovery and economic recovery and President Trump won of them in both cases and Joe Biden failed to advance that, not only is Joe Biden bad on law enforcement, could not say it and it could be like law enforcement and justice because he’s bailing out to the criminals in Minneapolis, he and Kamala Harris, he is bad on law enforcement and Covid recovery and millions of people would’ve died if we would’ve followed Joe Biden strategy and he wants to keep the country shut down, he is bad on the economy, President Trump talked about how he built the greatest economy ever and how he will do it again and I think people say you know what the issues that matter to me, they take away for how people’s lives will be impacted in a”

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