Rick Santorum: I Think Chris Wallace Was Very Helpful to Biden in Shutting Trump Down

‘I think Chris Wallace was overwhelmed’


SANTORUM: "Yeah, I thought there were a couple of moments when Biden actually did poorly. He would not give an answer on packing the court. I thought that was an incredibly bad moment for Joe Biden, not to basically come out and say, 'No, I am not going to do those things.' But it was just — it was lost in the cacophony of this debate. And it was really interesting, because he did come out hot and — I don’t think Chris Wallace — I understand Jake said he didn’t step in, I think Chris Wallace was overwhelmed by what — you know, again, you are in there in the moment and you don’t expect this. I thought Wallace actually did a pretty good job shutting him down. I thought he was very helpful to Joe Biden on many, many occasions in shutting the President down. And by the end, even before he said it's two minutes and you agreed to it, the President, at least from what I saw, calmed down and we actually — the last half hour or so was somewhat of a reasonable debate. But I think at that point the die was cast. I think the President got hurt tonight."

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