Judge Pirro: New Kyle Rittenhouse Video Shows He Was in Kenosha to Help and He’s Only Been Demonized

‘This kid is an innocent man, he’s trying to just make sure his town is safe’


PIRRO: “This young kid is putting the fire out, another person is putting the fire out. And when the police were told to stand down, all Democrats, that’s what we know, the mayor is a Democrat, the D.A. Is a Democrat and this can happen in any town to any one of us when the left comes in with lawlessness and we are simply trying to protect our property. Kyle Rittenhouse has been villain eyes here, and he’s been demonized, and I think it should be just the opposite. Thank God for the video and the fact we are able to identify what went on and what’s curious is the fact that just about everybody here has a criminal record and I understand one person’s name is not truly his name, it’s an alias and his real name suggests he has a rap sheet a mile long. These are people with guns coming to protest looking for trouble. This kid is an innocent man, he’s trying to just make sure his town is safe.”

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