CNN’s Cabrera to John Dean: Should Democrats Scrap the Filibuster if RBG Replaced?

‘The filibuster has been eliminated for Supreme Court nominations’


DEAN: "Yes, they can. The filibuster has been eliminated for Supreme Court nominations. They’re talking about eliminating it for legislative matters. You know, I’ve been on both sides of that issue and thought about it over the years. And I think I come down on the side that it has served its purpose, and it no longer works as a super majority to get basic legislative functions done. The Senate is going to be its own institution anyway, with six-year terms, and only a third of the Senate up at any time. It will move a little differently than the House. It can still be a tempering body, but right now it’s an obstructionist body. So I think — and the filibuster has been the reason for that. They did trim it back once and I think it’s time to eliminate it."

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