Hannity: Why Didn’t You Broker a Middle East Peace Deal, Joe?

‘The ultimate swamp creature says and talks and talks and does nothing’


HANNITY: “Why didn’t you broker a peace deal in the Middle East, Joe? Why didn’t you give 150, $150 billion, you got nothing. The answer of all these questions and it simple. Not just because he’s competent but because he’s a career politician. The ultimate swamp creature says and talks and talks and does nothing. The same guy that praised the former klansman that filibustered the civil rights act that was against the voting rights act, the partners in my 70s to get that he called a racial jungles, he said those words. So even though now Biden’s record is terrible the swamp rewarded him. His brother’s bank account gets bigger and bigger. 48 days and you get to decide. We look at the government we deserve. Here now is someone who will help broker that peace accord to.”

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