Woodward: Trump Expelled Dan Coats When He Did Not Serve His Purposes

‘Trump expelled him when it did not serve Trump’s purposes’


WOODWARD: “At one point in the book I show how Mattis, who’s the Secretary of Defense, and Coats are talking after a National Security Council meeting and Mattis says that Donald Trump has no moral compass and Coats says, Donald Trump, the president, their leader, does not know the difference between a lie and the truth. And the struggle that these people who, they were in the latter phases of their life said, OK, Donald Trump is calling. He promised that he would really deal with them in a direct, honorable way, and then they got in the job and he -- he pulled all of his stunts in a way that Trump did that led them to the point where, in Coats’ case, his wife Marsha said to him, Look, Dan, God put you in this job. You were failing not just the country and yourself, you’re failing God, and you need to get organized. And he reorganized things. But again, Trump expelled him when it did not serve Trump’s purposes."

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