Don Lemon: Critical Race Theory Has Been Done in the 80s, It’s Another Boogeyman

‘There’s nothing new about Critical Race Theory’


LEMON: “Let’s look at compared to sexism in the country. If you look at let’s be honest, this isn’t about you’re absolutely right. This isn’t about blaming people or saying you are terrible because this is about face the facts. Something that is real. Come to an agreement and work together. You have to admit certain things people have to admit where they are, certain things happen and you can do it. As long as you are pretending it didn’t happen and it’s not a big deal or framing it in a way that is not based in any sort of reality, it is never going to change. This whole idea — I don’t understand of Critical Race Theory. Are we going back to the 80s? This played out in the 1908s this whole thing about Critical Race Theory in Politics. Another boogy man to scare people. There’s nothing new about Critical Race Theory. Go back and do a Google search. And Politics.”

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