Rep. Demings: ‘While America Was Going Through Civil Unrest … Trump Was Walking Around with a Gasoline Can’

‘America was on fire’


DEMINGS: "Well, let me say this, President Donald John Trump is the commander-in-chief, and so the buck stops with him. And I said weeks ago that while America was going through civil unrest in all 50 states, quite frankly, America was on fire, we had a president, a commander-in-chief who was walking around with a gasoline can not trying to sow peace and calm, but actually throwing fire onto an already volatile situation. I believe that Vice President Biden is on the right track. You've heard him talk about peaceful protest, but he's also talked about accountability regardless, those who were involved in violence should be held accountable. And he also talked about supporting good police officers, as we should all do, but also holding the bad ones accountable. That's how we're going to get to the place where we need to get.”

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