Zuckerberg : ‘There’s Nothing Illegitimate About Taking a Few Extra Days, or Even Weeks’ to Count All Votes

‘There is a greater chance of civil unrest and violence after the election’


ZUCKERBERG: "One of the things that I’m -- that I'm quite worried about after Election Day is that -- since it may take additional time for the votes to get counted this year, especially with mail-in voting, there’s a greater chance of civil unrest and violence after the election. You know, some people expected there to be an answer to who won the election on election night. I don’t think we’re necessarily going to get that. And I think it’s important that we start preparing people now that there’s nothing illegitimate about taking a few extra days or even weeks in order to make sure that all the votes get counted. In fact, it would be illegitimate if we didn’t make sure that all of the ballot votes were counted."

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