Pam Bondi: Everything Dems Said About How Ethical and Honest Biden Was ‘Is Just Not True’

‘But the people need to know this guy is in it for himself and his family’


BONDI: “You know, no one wants to talk about someone’s family but we have to. When the Democrats at their convention are calling Joe Biden the model of integrity, everything they said about him, how ethical he was, how honest he was, and that's just not true. And the American people had to hear it. They had to hear about his son and business dealings, Hunter’s and his brothers. And you know, there is so much more and we narrowed it down. We tried to keep it as short as we could. But the people need to know this guy is in it for himself and his family. And that’s what he has been doing for almost 50 years; 50 years in office looking out for himself and looking out for his family.”

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