Sen. Rick Scott: Democrats Will Redefine Our Country If They Take Back the White House

‘The Democrats are the radical left now’


SCOTT: "Yeah, they did a good job. And it just shows you the difference. I mean, the Democrats are the radical left now. You know, it used to be the Democrats said they cared about the little guy, but they don't now. It's just the radical left, they want to control your life. And the difference is Republicans want to give you a chance. A guy like me, growing up in public housing, I wanted to have a —just give me a shot, just put me in the game, let me — let me, you know, work hard. You've got to work hard, but if you work hard you can be anything in this country. I think that's one thing that Tim Scott talked about last night. So if you work hard, this is the land of opportunity. The Democrats want everybody in the same position. They want to have the biggest tax increase, they want to have healthcare run by the government, they want to kill jobs, get Green New Deal. This is a radical left, they're going to redefine our country if they control the White House, the House and the Senate."

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