Brian Stelter: ‘There’s a Real Difference on the Lying’ Found in the Trump World Compared to the Other Political Universe

‘It’s definitely Trump world versus other political leaders’


STELTER: “And first, one DNC down, one RNC to go. What we’re going to see in the next few days is a truth in balance. Because if we’ve learned anything from the Trump years, it’s that there’s a real likelihood, a real forecast of lies coming fast and furious from the president and, sadly, from many of his allies, in these speeches, in these videos, in these events that we are about to witness. There’s a real difference, there’s a real contrast in how much lying and deception takes place between Trump world and other parts of the political universe. I don’t think we can paint with too broad of a brush, Democrats versus Republicans. It’s definitely Trump world versus other political leaders. I think it’s something call asymmetric lying. This is from the DNC, a CNN fact-checking team led by Daniel Dale, checked out the DNC speeches. Here’s a review of the first two nights saying the major speakers mostly spoke in generalities but when they made assertions of facts, they have been largely accurate. The checking of Biden’s speech on Thursday found basically the same thing.”

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