MSNBC Guest: Rachel Dolezal Can Be ‘from the Moon, or a Martian’ if She Wants

‘If that’s who you want to be, that’s who you want to be’

MSNBC Guest: Rachel Dolezal Could Identify as Martian if She Wants (Mediaite)

During a segment of MSNBC’s NewsNation With Tamron Hall discussing former Spokane NAACP head Rachel Dolezal, radio host Earl Ofair Hutchinson said the Caucasian woman could identify as black, from the moon, or a Martian if that’s what she wanted to be.

Host Tamron Hall began by reading a tweet directed at her from a self-described Huffington Post blogger: “If Rachel Dolezal is TransRacial then she didn’t lie about her race @tamronhall. It’d be respectful to use the proper pronouns to discuss.”

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