Tucker Mocks About Kamala Harris Being Moderate: She Has All the Fashionable Rich Lady Positions One Could Have

‘Actually it might be nice to have someone like that, but that’s not Kamala Harris’


CARLSON: “Immediately after Harris was chosen today “The New York Times” sent out a bulletin describing her as “A pragmatic moderate.” Got that? A pragmatic moderate, not a cookie ideologue, not a flaky liberal from San Francisco. No. Instead someone who wants to solve America’s toughest problems. Solve them without regard to orthodoxy or partisanship. A sober, steady leader in troubled times. Actually it might be nice to have someone like that. But that’s not Kamala Harris, not even close. Harris has endorsed forcing schools to let biological males plan Girls athletic teams. It’s not a majority position. It’s not but it’s not as crazy a subsidized abortions for biological men. Harris is for that too. Men can’t get pregnant so how do we pay for their abortions? Here is never explained it in this point it would be systemically racist task so no one will ever ask. Shut up. No questions allowed. Meanwhile there is not a fashionable rich lady position that Kamala Harris doesn’t have. Plastic straws are bad. Red meat is worked. If there was a bill to make soulcycle mandatory, Kamala Harris would get behind it.”

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