Pelosi: I’m Voting Against the TAA to Slow Down TPA

‘For these and other reasons I will be voting today to slow down the fast track to get a better deal for the American people’

"This is a multilateral agreement with 11 other countries. 12 countries and growing. And we need, we need to slow this fast track down. I think it is possible. Now, one of the questions that arises is the question of the trade adjustment act. Most of us have not only voted for this, been champions of it over time. I was one of the first issues I dealt with when I came to the Congress. Speaking about myself again. It's really important, but as some of my colleagues have said, our people would rather have a job than trade assistance. Trade adjustment assistance. I talked about that red hot stove that people put their hand on when they go home. Mr. Cicilline talked about his district. Mr. Norcross about his. Mr. Boyle about his. And the list goes on and on. How do we say to these people we are here for you, you are our top priority when the impression that they have is that this is not a good deal for them. But it can be. I'm hopeful it can be.

"So while I'm a big supporter of T.A.A., if T.A.A. Slows down the fast track, I am to vote -- I am prepared to vote against T.A.A. Because its defeat, sad to say, is the only way that we will be able to slow down the fast track. Now I understand there will be some manipulations here one way or another what bill comes first, what can come up, what can't, but the fact is this. The facts are these, actually, that the -- if T.A.A. Fails, the fast track bill is stopped. They will take up the vote, as they said they would not, they may take up the vote, but it doesn't go any place. It's stuck in the station. And for that reason sadly because the Senate has sent us the bill that way, connected, sadly because the fast track passes will need T.A.A. Trade adjustment assistance, sadly I would vote against the T.A.A. And I just wanted you to know where I was coming from on that. For these and other reasons I will be voting today to slow down the fast track to get a better deal for the American people. Bigger paychecks. Better infrastructure. Help the American people fulfill the American dream. I thank Mr. Levin, again, for his leadership, and I thank all of our colleagues who have worked so hard on this really on both sides of the issue. I yield back the balance of my time. Thank you, Mr. Speaker."

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