Clyburn Defends Biden’s ‘Diversity’ Comments: ‘All He Was Talking About Was the Diversity … of the Continents’

‘Most African-Americans come from the Caribbean or Africa, our roots are basically in Africa’

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MITCHELL: “There is also, of course he’s trying to clarify what he’s said about the Latino community, saying that it is more diverse than the African-American community. How do you react to that?”

CLYBURN: “The word ‘diverse,’ you know me real well, you know I’m sort of a stickler for the word being what it is. And what he was talking about is whether or not, what continent. When you start talking to Latino-Americans, you’re talking about not just various communities and countries, you’re even talking about various continents. The ethnicity, the diversity of the ethnicity. Most African-Americans in this country come from either the Caribbean or from Africa, in fact our roots are basically in Africa. So all he was talking about was the diversity of not just the communities but also of the continents. And you bring those backgrounds and those experiences into the discussion and you don’t have the same set of experiences that you would have if you didn’t have this kind of diversity in your background. So diversity could be within a community, within a state, but there is a broader diversity in his discussion and it’s more worldwide. But you don’t get a chance to explain all of that in a sound bite world.”

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