Atlanta Mayor Bottoms on Biden’s Diversity Comments: ‘Obviously It Perhaps Could Have Been Expressed Better’

‘But I know his heart’


LANCE BOTTOMS: "Well, I -- I  believe what he was trying to articulate was just in terms of voting patterns. But I know he doesn’t believe we are monolith, because I’ve had these conversations with the vice president directly, and we’ve talked about the growing importance and voice of the progressive wing of the party, fueled in large part by younger African-Americans. So I know that he does not believe that. And I though that as his policies have come forth, his policies reflect his appreciation of diversity within the African-American community. I do think obviously that it perhaps could have been expressed better. But I know his heart, and I know the conversations that I have had with him directly, and what he’s expressed to me about his appreciation about diversity within the African-American community."

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