Sarah Sanders: MSM Hypocrisy Is ‘Astonishing’ on How They Cover Up Biden’s ‘Junkie’ Meltdown

‘They’ve given Joe Biden and every other Democrat a complete pass’


HUCKABEE SANDERS: “It would be wall-to-wall, we wouldn’t hear anything about that. The hypocrisy from the media is truly astonishing. I would love to Sam surprised, but I’m not, because it’s what they’ve been doing since the day that Donald Trump came down the escalator. They have applied a total double standard to everything that has to do with him. They’ve given Joe Biden and every other Democrat a complete pass. They spent two years investing all of their time in the total Russia witch hunt to destroy the president and when that failed, they moved onto the next scandal and when that failed, they moved on to the next fake scandal. Every single time they find the tiniest little thing, they latch on and try to destroy the president but guess what? He is still standing, he continues to do a great job, and the reason they have to give Joe Biden the past is because they know he cannot handle even the most basic questions like, are you capable of being president? He couldn’t put a coherent sentence together to address that single issue.”

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